Reviews from the Post Playhouse Summer 2014 Season

Check out what the local papers had to say about Samantha's performances this summer!


"As Maria, Samantha Matthews shines in her interaction with the Captain’s children from the note Do.

You sense a true affection between the actress and her young charges... Whether she is leading them in song, a skit, or a dance, she embraces their youth and enthusiasm.

This translates into her tomboy approach to Maria as she works her way from misplaced postulant to fully formed wife and mother. Maria’s growth is most strikingly apparent when, early on, she stands up to the Captain’s rigid approach to child-rearing.

Matthews seems to acquire the spunk and vigor of the real Maria Von Trapp as she sheds insecurity and, imbued by meeting the children, takes her first steps to owning her own person."

Becca Alvarez - Panhandle Post

9 TO 5

"Samantha MatthewsMargaret (who drinks too much—and who wouldn’t?) ... We know these women; we like them, and there’s something about the actresses’ demeanors that hints about their lives, loves, and pain in the hours after five."

Kate Kinnally - Panhandle Post


" ...actress Samantha Matthews manages to project a subtle feminine charm [in baggy pink overalls]"

"Conjunction Junction is the phrase that readily comes to mind when young adults search their memory banks for stanzas of your. No question that this is a showstopper, with Matthews, Fox and Janet McWilliams playing backup to Cleary's microphone-hugging songster."

Lena Hayes - Crawford Clipper